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What Is Aviato?

Silicon Valley in California isn't what it used to be. It's become a gate kept crowd of insiders, who create bottlenecks for innovation in the world. They participate in their own money transfer and collection machines reserved for a lucky few, and they capture all the value. These systems aren't suitable for the powerful masses now enabled by technology. We want more internet tools to allow founders/other entrepreneurs to win, and to make good deals anywhere in the world. We're building a social platform (an app) to do this.

The Discrimination in Startup Funding

Despite having incredible businesses, founders, self-starters, go-getters, creators, makers, and entrepreneurs shut down operations, and stowe away their dreams because they can’t connect with good, smart capitalists.

Geographic constraints are one major reason startups and investors don’t connect efficiently. Founders building in East Africa can’t strike up conversation with VCs outside Starbucks in Menlo Park and land everyone 100x returns. But in a world enabled by the web, with HD cameras and computers in our pockets, geography doesn’t HAVE to be a constraint.

Aviato is building the future of startup fundraising.

Because startups forging their own paths in the name of progress and humanity are still massively under-distributed on the internet.

There are all these incredible, highly capable people on the internet, like you, reading this, but no community to pitch your entrepreneurial value at scale to people who want to invest in you. Aviato wants all the best entrepreneurs, visionaries, dreamers, and builders, to have access to capital and opportunity. And to enjoy accessing it! To have serendipitous, magical moments with investors, other founders, and scouts. And for everyone to make big returns. Together.

Why work with us?

Aviato opens new doors for startup funding practices. We help startups around the world build the future they envision. Together, we’re starting the next chapter of funding and accessibility. Now is an incredible time to join us. We're still an extremely small team! Anyone who joins us has an opportunity to play an essential part in making Aviato the next big thing.

We believe the best entrepreneurs, visionaries, dreamers, and builders should be able to connect with brilliant investors all the time, no matter where they are. And that everyone should have serendipitous, magical moments with other founders, investors, and scouts. And that everyone should make big returns. Together.